Digital Veterinary X-rays

If your pet needs an X-ray, we understand that you are looking for the safest radiography possible. Here at Passion Fur Paws, we offer very progressive radiology options that are simple and safe for your pets! Our machine and plates are just as mobile as our clinic which allows for quick, attainable diagnostic images for the fastest resolution for your pet.

What Is a Digital X-ray?

Digital radiology/radiography, also known as a digital X-ray, is an advanced diagnostic tool that is mainly used to virtually see your pet’s organs. This includes, but is not limited to, the cardiopulmonary, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal and urinary systems.

This is a non-invasive process that allows us to have a better look at your pet's condition. With this non-invasive procedure, we can clearly see many issues and address them quickly. If you would like more information about our X-ray services, call us at 970-485-1916 to schedule an appointment today.

The Benefits of Digital Vet X-rays:

  • Digital X-rays have a higher image quality than regular film X-rays
  • They offer instant results, allowing for a faster diagnosis
  • There is less radiation exposure than with film X-rays
  • Digital radiography is environmentally friendly
  • We have the capability to share your pet's images with board-certified radiologists for professional reports when necessary

Are X-rays Painful or Harmful for My Pet?

X-rays are a completely painless procedure. If your pet is calm and cooperative, we will not even need to sedate them. If your dog or cat has anxiety issues, a sedative or  general anesthesia may be administered to allow them to relax.

Due to recent developments in modern technology, X-rays are safer than ever for pets and humans alike. Digital X-rays only expose your dog or cat to a small dose of radiation, which is completely harmless.

Passion Fur Paws is aware that when your pet needs a digital X-ray, you may be concerned. While you may be worried about your dog or cat, rest assured that they are in good hands. Because of incredible advancements in recent technology, you don’t have to wonder whether you are doing what is best for your pet when you bring them into our animal hospital. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your pet at our vet clinic!

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