Price List of Commons Items & Services

StandardOffice/Wellness In-Home Visit


Standard Office/Wellness Stationary Visit


Telemedicine Exams

(via Facetime or Zoom for 20 Minutes)


Urgent Call Sick Pet Visit

(if we can get to you)


Comprehensive Senior Blood Work Profile

$250 - $350

Heartworm & Tick Screening Test



(depends on vaccine)

$25 - $40


(minimum of 3 views)


Microchip Placement


Dental Cleaning

(always includes x-rays – no exceptions; does NOT include tooth extractions/medications if needed)

$650 - $700

Routine Feline Neuter

(Procedure Only)


Routine Canine Neuter

(Procedure Only)


Feline Spay

Procedure Only (assuming not pregnant or in heat)


Canine Spay

(Size/breed dependent) Please contact for a more accurate quote.

Prophylactic Gastropexy

(if performed with spay/neuter)


Nail Trim


In-Home Euthanasia

(Does not include mileage >15 miles or aftercare of remains – please give us your preference on this for a more accurate quote)


There are many variables for surgery. We do require blood work prior to surgery – no exceptions, as this is for the safety of your pet. We also require pain management be a part of your pet’s care to reduce stress and anxiety related to pain in recovery. To get you the most accurate estimate, we will need to see your pet for an initial exam, run lab work and get a current weight.

All other surgeries are patient-dependent. We do not want to exhaust this list and give false impressions of what something may cost if your pet does not fit into a “standard” category of surgical expectations. If you contact us regarding a quote and we have not seen your pet, we will require an in-person exam to get an initial assessment, discuss a possible plan and provide you with a more accurate and detailed estimate.

All invoices paid by credit card will be charged a 3% processing fee. We also accept check and cash, but are often limited on change, so please plan accordingly.

All mobile visits are subject to mileage fee.

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