What can I expect for my pet's in-home visit?

Your pet's appointment time will be a range of time (ie. 1-3PM). This allows a little flexibility for travel time, unexpected weather/road conditions, etc. It is your responsibility to be home and ready for our arrival within the given time frame.

Most of the history-taking, exam, and future planning will take place within the comfort of your pet's home. The only reason we would take your pet out to the mobile clinic is if we think they may be more "distracted" by a new environment to get diagnostics completed like blood work, x-rays or for sedated procedures. We will do whatever we can within the walls of your home to keep the visit as fearless as possible.

CAT OWNERS - Please be sure that your cat is confined to a smaller room that they are familiar with before we arrive. If we cannot catch the cat within 15 minutes of arrival, you will still be responsible for the exam/travel fees. We will do our best to reschedule at the earliest convenience.

I am planning to euthanize my pet. What does that visit look like?

Home euthanasias are also meant to be as peaceful as possible. We will come in and chat with you a little and get your pet comfortable with our presence. One form will need to be signed for your consent to move forward. To ensure your pet's safety, comfort and peace, we will sedate your companion first to allow them to maximally relax.

From there, we will finish the remainder of the process. Afterwards, we will allow your family time to grieve and love on your beloved pet. From there, we will take your pet with us for optional cremation services or leave them with you for personal burial.

We want this process to be as transparent as possible, so if you have ANY questions, please ask us.

What are acceptable forms of payment?

Credit card (limitations may apply), check or cash. All invoices paid by credit card will be charged a 3% processing fee.

We are now accepting Care Credit as well!

Do you offer payment plans?

No, entirety of payment is due at time of service. 

Please see Policies under "For Pet Owners" for required payment information.

How do I make an appointment?

What if I only want a consultation with the doctor?

  • You may still schedule a consultation as an appointment. Consults may be performed via phone call, Facetime, Zoom or in person (mileage rates will apply)
  • Payment will be collected PRIOR to a telemedicine consult via phone call or a text-to-pay link.
  • If you are new to this practice, please fill out a 'New Patient Form' prior to your consult so we can add you to our system.

What should I expect for costs for the in-home convenience?

  • Costs are service and location dependent – see pricing guide
  • General house call - $100
  • Location will determine minimal travel fees for an in-home visit
  • In-home Euthanasia Service - $175
  • Travel fees for mileage >10 miles

How does mobile practice create a more fear-free experience for my pet?

  • Allows the pet to be in their safe space without strange noises, smells or other animals to increase anxiety
  • Creates a personalized environment for each pet, where they are likely to act more ‘normal,’ versus being taken to a strange, unfamiliar clinic
  • Even within the mobile unit, we provide calming music, relaxing pheromones and gentle handling techniques without the presence of other animals to ensure success with your pet.
  • Reduces travel fear for those pets that prefer not to travel or experience motion sickness

What animals do you see/treat? 

We only see feline and canine patients.

What if I need to cancel my scheduled appointment last minute?

APPOINTMENT cancellations made within 24 hours of scheduled apointmetn will be billed a $75 no-show/late-cancellation fee.

Surgery cancellations <48 hours prior to scheduled surgery will result in forfeiture of 25% of surgery estimate along with $75 cancellation fee. See Cancellation Policies under the "for Pet Owners" tab for more information.

How can I get a refill on my prescriptions?

  • We primarily support LOCALLY owned pharmacies for almost all prescriptions to keep money within our community. Passion Fur Paws will fill scripts through:

                            • Our online pharmacy 

                            • Prescription Alternatives located on Frisco Main Street

Exceptions may apply in certain circumstances and for particular medications

What insurance do you accept?

Insurance in the veterinary world works differently than human medicine. Passion Fur Paws will provide you with a detailed invoice after each visit. You are responsible for full payment to Passion Fur Paws at the time services are rendered. We will then provide you with a detailed invoice (and sometimes the medical record) for you to submit to your pet insurance company for reimbursement.

I have a stressed pet. How do I ensure we will get anything done during the visit?

  • If you already know your pet will be stressed, please contact us ahead of making an appointment so we may best guide you. We will have you fill out a My Stressed Pet form to learn more about how and why your pet stresses. This will serve as a mini consultation so we can all best prepare to reduce any stress on your pet.
  • We will prepare accordingly based on your answers to the survey. This may or may not include anxiety-releasing medications or supplements. 
  • If a visit is adequately prepared for, but we are still unsuccessful due to anxiety in your pet, we will plan for another course of action. You will only be responsible for travel fees (not an ‘exam fee’) until we are able to complete an adequate exam.
  • We also offer a reduced cost "Fear Free Exam Fee" where we are able to watch your pet from a distance and still gather information to help.

Are there any services you do not perform? 

  • We do not personally perform orthopedic surgeries. However, we do have connections with wonderful surgeons, so if we find your pet is in need of orthopedic surgery, we will happily get that set up for you.
  • We do not perform thoracic, cardiac or abdominal ultrasounds at this time. We will refer you to a board certified radiologist to perform one if this level of diagnostic imaging is needed.
  • We do have size limitations! Our mobile unit is limited in space, therefore, we try to properly prepare to have enough space for very large dogs. If your dog is >100#, please just let us know before scheduling so that we may prepare accordingly.
  • We do not provide emergency surgeries during the night hours.

Will you hospitalize my pet if it’s sick?

  • If a planned visit leads to recommended hospitalization and we have the capacity that day, we will keep your pet during business hours. Hospitalization fees will apply. Otherwise, you will be referred to another nearby hospital with capacity.

We do not provide overnight hospitalization.

What if the weather is bad and the truck cannot get to my house? 

For every pet and person’s safety, if we experience severe weather (blizzard, hail storm, high wind advisories), we will reschedule any appointments or surgeries affected that day. If being on the road is more dangerous than beneficial, we will do everything we can to coordinate with your agendas to reschedule at the earliest convenience.

If your pet's appointment or surgery is cancelled due to weather or something related to Passion Fur Paws' staffing, you will NOT be charged any fees and your pet will be prioritizied for the next openings in the schedule.

What territories do you cover? What if I want Passion Fur Paws to see my pet, but I live outside of that territory?

  • Now providing at-home veterinary care for most of Summit County!! Certain areas where parking is limited or grades are too steep may result in us seeing your pet at a stationary spot.  
  • Still serving Kremmling, Colorado. Stationary and at-home visits are both available in this location as well.

My pet is having surgery – what do I need to do to prepare for surgery and what should expect after?

  • See “Prep My Pet” handout to properly and safely prepare your pet for surgery!!
  • Has your pet been diagnosed with hypoadrenocorticism (Addison’s) disease or diabetes mellitus? If so, please call or e-mail us so we can get more specific instructions in writing for your pet.
  • To be prepared for your pet after their procedure, please read our 'Post-Anesthetic Expectations' handout.
  • Be sure to give your consent for your pet to undergo sedation or surgery for their procedure: Anesthesia Consent form.

What do I need to have prepared for my appointment? 

  • Please send all prior veterinary records of your pet before their visit to ensure we do not miss anything they may be due for.

  • Cats – patient should be confined within one area of the home that makes the pet easily accessible for an exam; secure/intact cat carrier, collar/ID tag, +/- anxiety medications
  • NOTE: we will NOT carry cats out to the mobile clinic in our arms or on leashes due to safety reasons
  • If feline patients are unable to be located in the home upon arrival, owners will be responsible for the travel fee to the home.


  • Dogssecure/fitted collar or harness with ID tags, leash, +/- anxiety medications
  • If you have a particularly stressed pet, please look over and fill out our "My Stressed Pet Survey" and e-mail it to us prior to your appointment.

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