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The goal of Dr. Danielle and her team is to provide comfortable, relaxed experiences for both pet owners and their pets while still providing progressive medicine and surgery. Our team has an elevated dedication to low-stress animal handling and fear free care. By providing calm veterinary care we improve the lives of our patients, the compliance of our clients and extend the longevity of their lifetime bond.

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Dr. Danielle Jehn-Campbell, DVM

Dr. Danielle is the creator and owner of the mobile practice now known as Passion Fur Paws. She attended University of Michigan for her undergraduate degree and fulfilled her love for veterinary medicine at Michigan State University, graduating in 2014. Her first two jobs were in western Nebraska the first few years of her working career where she practiced mixed animal medicine and surgery. After a few years of exploring the veterinary career, she decided her heart connected most intimately with companion animals.

After 3 years of mixed practice she had a yearning for a small animal position only, which landed her in Frisco, Colorado. Shortly after starting this position, she met her husband, Scott, who deeply supported her dreams of starting her own practice some day.

She started as an associate doctor in town and quickly progressed to the managing doctor, where she learned various business skills. Dr. Danielle gained her own loyal clientele in a short time, which made Frisco feel like home.

These prior positions helped shape her desires and vision to what Passion Fur Paws is today. To improve both client and patient experiences, Dr. Danielle possesses her Fear Free Certification and holds her staff to the same standard. Her experience in management also allows for organized, efficient, patient-focused veterinary service while holding the highest standard of care.

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Diane Jurgens, RVT, CCRVN

Diane has always had a love for the environment and animals. While not allowed to have many pets of her own growing up, in high school in Pennsylvania she volunteered at a nature center where she helped care for all sorts of critters - turtles, snakes, hamsters, mice, rats, ferrets, chinchillas, rabbits, raccoons, a goose and a turkey!

After high school, she attended Bucknell University and graduated with a major in environmental geology and minor in math.

While looking for graduate schools, she did some soul searching and realized animals were her real passion. While doing homework, she used to watch Emergency Vets on Animal Planet and heard about a school called Bel-Rea Institute in Denver, which catered to Veterinary Technicians and knew that was her true path.

She graduated Bel-Rea in December 1999 and got her certification in January 2000. She has mostly worked in general practice, but has also worked in specialty hospitals with internal medicine and canine rehabilitation. She has a special interest in training/behavior using positive reinforcement. She is not only certified in Low Stress Handling, but also Fear Free Elite certified. Her favorite areas of practice are dentistry and surgery.

In her free time, she loves to ski/snowboard, hike, and paddleboard.  She and her dogs do a fun sport called flyball. You may have seen them at halftime shows for the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Mammoth!

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Sara Lohrenz, CVT

Sara was born in Vail, Colorado and grew up in Summit County, Colorado. She went to school for Veterinary Technology at Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs and graduated in 2015. She is a seasoned credentialed veterinary technician with a career spanning since 2015, working at several small animal hospitals with a small amount of large animal medical experience as well. Sara enjoys hiking in the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado, loves riding her horse through scenic trails and is enthusiastic about camping and connecting with nature. She is a passionate skier, hitting the slopes during winter. She cherishes spending quality time with her beloved cats, dogs and family.

Meet Our Dedicated Team


In April 2019, Kodi obtained her veterinary assistant certificate from PIMA Medical Institute in Montana. She started working in the veterinary field in Nebraska for a mixed practice. She then relocated to Frisco, Colorado for a small animal position where she worked as an assistant for over 2 years with Dr. Danielle & Diane. She received additional on-the-job training from her co-workers and found a passion for small animal practice. She loves performing dentistry on cats and dogs and also loves to groom pets. In her free time she enjoys being outdoors. Climbing, hiking and skiing are her favorite activities that she enjoys doing with her husband and sometimes their dog, Durango.

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